• Who We Are
  • Letter from the President
The leadership team behind HONEMA is highly experienced in many areas. However, our niche areas are: Event Management, Corporate Image & Reputation Management, Government & Public Relations and Foreign Investment & Tourism Promotion.

HONEMA galvanizes global leaders, commercial stakeholders and industry experts in their efforts to deliver beneficial change within their respective countries and markets. A byproduct of our efforts is the creation of symbiotic relationships and added value for every company, government and individual who works with us or participates in any platform and initiative designed by HONEMA.
HONEMA is a vibrant and diverse company comprised of distinguished leaders and industry professionals covering several areas of the public and private sector with proven results globally. Our expertise stems from the combination of cross-cultural business development experience with cutting-edge knowledge of market trends. Our executives and staff bring more than 30 years of experience in event planning, public relations, business development, finance and government relations worldwide. HONEMA is proud to have a team comprised of individuals from different parts of the globe carrying professional experience with heads of state, diplomatic missions, major international corporations as well as multilateral organizations and interest groups.
HONEMA came into fruition on a cold afternoon in New York City. We understand that the future of development and innovation will come from the developing world and we want to be a catalyst of that change.

Our team is composed of experienced professionals combining credentials with acumen to deliver the most ambitious projects. The combination of implementing risk management processes, timely research, energetic and cautious optimism allows us to deliver high quality products for our clients. Drive, energy, experience and talent are on our side.

Our services come with the highest regard of professionalism and efficiency. At HONEMA we look forward to creating a truly sustainable relationship with our clients and partners. We hope to attract true visionaries that are proactive and eager to see results. We always strive to move forward; Semper Anticus.

Afaf Konja
President, HONEMA