The leadership team behind HONEMA is highly experienced in several areas. However, our niche areas are: Event Management, Corporate Image & Reputation, Government & Public Relations and Foreign Investment & Tourism Promotion.

  • Event Management >

    When it comes to producing events, the HONEMA team is there to support you and make sure your event is a success. We have conceptualized, organized, produced or worked in several events across different industries in New York City, Haiti, Manchester, Abu Dhabi, Paris and Dominican Republic in the following areas:
    • Business
    • Product & Company Launches
    • Public Policy
    • Music & Entertainment
    • Education
    • Country Relations
    • International Discussions
    • Roundtables & Panel Discussions
    • Gala & Award Ceremonies

    The HONEMA team is also capable to provide key Event Management Services by engaging in:
    • Concept Development & Production of Events
    • Logistical Support
    • Event Branding & Marketing
    • Budget & Cost Control
    • Speaker Identification & Recruitment
    • Branding & Design of Promotional Campaigns
    • Content Production
    • Agenda Production
    • Overall Event Support & Management
    • Identification of Right Partners & Suppliers for your event or conference.
  • Corporate Image & Reputation Development >

    We truly understand the competitive nature of developing the image and reputation of individuals and corporations locally and internationally. In fact, in the age of the Internet and a more interconnected global economy, it is imperative for companies and individuals to build, develop and maintain their reputation globally. These is a necessity given that clients, peers and customers are growing more demanding every day.

    The HONEMA team has secured high profile keynote speaking engagements and obtained awards and recognitions from world leading institutions, municipalities and governments for its clients.
  • Government & Public Relations >

    Government policies have a direct impact on the way business is conducted locally and internationally where billions of people are affected every year. Given this dynamics, creating and sustaining symbiotic relationships with government entities and corporations are even more essential in the age of technology and social media.

    HONEMA network in the UAE and the Middle East is extensive allowing us to provide top notch services to companies and governments looking to engage with the middle east market. We also provide government relations services to UAE and Middle East clients looking to engage or enter other regions outside the middle east.

    We create and produce innovative and robust strategies designed to promote campaigns, influence the policy formulation process on behalf of our clients by focusing in areas related to:
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Financial Services
    • Energy and Climate
    • Defense and Security
    • Economic & Social Development Reform
    • Public Policy
    • Investor Relations

    In addition to our ability to successfully engage governments in the middle east and internationally, we can also help clients engage with the United States Government (House & Senate), The United Nations and the European Union.
  • Foreign Investment & Tourism Promotion >

    HONEMA helps countries and municipalities to promote their products, industries and tourist attractions in the Middle East and internationally.

    We do so by using and combining the usage of the following mechanisms:
    • Organization of Trade/ Investment summits
    • Positive press coverage via print and online as well as endorsements.
    • Roadshows Organization - for companies and countries looking for exposure in the Middle East. We also facilitate high-level delegation visits to your country or city.
    • Trade Missions

    HONEMA also facilitates the easy introduction and marketing of products and services into the Middle East.
    We design and conceptualize PR initiatives focused on generating higher tourist participation from the Middle East into the country and projects of our clients.
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