• Ms. Afaf Konja >

    President of HONEMA

    Afaf has worked with numerous international television, satellite and on-line news platforms both at the United Nations as a UN Resident Correspondent and as an anchor, field reporter, producer and program editor. Afaf has hosted live High-level red carpet galas including the South-South Awards for 2010, 2011 and 2012.

    Afaf has also moderated numerous high-level UN conferences. She also performs voice-over work, serves as an announcer and broadens her talents through commercial acting. Working in the context of international diplomacy and global development as the Spokesperson for the President of the United Nations General Assembly at its 68th Session, Afaf pulls from her vast hands-on experience, from live coverage at UN General Debates to special coverage at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development or Rio+20, Conference on Least Developed Countries, ECOSOC High-level Ministerial Reviews, and the newly established ECOSOC High-level Political Forum, UN World Urban Forum, Global South-South Development Expos, Conferences of Independent Financial Advisors, Non-Aligned Movement Ministerial Conference, Climate Change Conferences, and on; receiving a personal “Thank You” note from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for her coverage of his official visit through South America in 2011 and has called her a “Champion for South-South Cooperation.”

    Afaf has held periodical press conferences with and on behalf of the President of the UN General Assembly and produced official statements for distribution of bilateral meetings with heads of State and Government throughout the 68th Session. She graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Speech Communication and Journalism. Afaf is a native of Iraq.
  • Mr. Raymond Ratti >

    Managing Director and Head of Business Development

    Raymond has a breadth of international experience in business development and strategic partnerships; he excels in conceptualizing innovative solutions, which lead to effective win-win results. Others tend to define him as an inclusive, hands-on initiative-driven leader. He has passion for advancing private sector sustainable profitability while creating opportunities for higher public sector efficiency. Raymond has lived in Washington D.C., New York City, Manchester in the UK, Amsterdam, Dubai, and Santo Domingo.

    Until the end of August of 2013 Raymond was Deputy Director in Business Development and Partnerships of the Rubenius Group, a Danish technology firm that provides global utility efficiency solutions for projects in energy storage and public lighting. In 2009 Raymond founded Transformative Global Learning in New York, an initiative dedicated to providing students with intercultural learning in developing countries. Previously Raymond was a consultant on Economic Affairs for the Permanent Mission of the Dominican Republic to the United Nations. Until the end of August 2006 Raymond was Public Affairs & Government Relations Assistant at Contractual Services of America, a boutique public affairs firm specialized in representing clients in the defense sector at Capitol Hill.

    Raymond is also an avid entrepreneur, having successfully founded Transformative Global Learning in 2009 and HONEMA in 2013, but also co-founding Papa Juan Cigar Room, a business currently generating over $300,000 USD in revenue.He holds a Masters in International Development from the University of Manchester in the UK, and a Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies from the City University of New York, including a term at Georgetown University. Raymond serves on the Advisory Board of the New York Energy and Water Institute and has taught international affairs at The American University in Dubai. Raymond was born in Dominican Republic, holding both US and Dominican nationalities; he is fluent in Spanish and English.
  • Mr. Pablo Rodriguez >

    Director of Advertising and Marketing

    Pablo is one of the founding members of HONEMA. He brings to the team a passion for strong effective design and innovative ways to reach our company’s short and long term goals. He is responsible for all of the companies branding, advertising, marketing, web development and print collateral.

    Prior to HONEMA he worked for the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute in New York. He also freelanced in Barcelona, Spain and in the Dominican Republic. He currently owns a brand consulting firm and his own full-service design agency in New York City. Pablo graduated with a BFA in Multimedia Design from the City College of New York and a Masters in Design and Architecture from the prestigious Universidad de Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.
  • Mr. Francisco Javier Aguirre Torrealba >

    Director of International Expansion

    An entrepreneur with the experience acquired from his mentor " TheFather" an Industrial Engineer who has brought extensive knowledge in various branches and sectors of international trade.Francisco Javier Aguirre Torrealba has achieve to acquire a versatile dynamism with an active "know how" and intellectual heritage derivative and inclined to the new concept of the business world called "Introface Business" in the institutional and private.Among the most active projects, are the international trade in food, promotion of high fashion, alternative sports, art and music.
  • Mr. Andres Lanusse >

    Associate Director for Latin America

    Andres brings to the HONEMA team a robust professional experience working in the region. Prior to joining HONEMA, Andres entered the energy business working at Repsol YPF, the biggest oil and gas company in Argentina, involved in projects for refineries and petrochemical plants. He made an outstanding job as regional manager for the machinery and plant division in Daewoo International Corporation, Korea’s largest trading company, setting up the business of this division in South America. Mr. Andres Lanusse has participated in the development of projects across a wide range of different industries, spanning from renewable energy generation, to shipbuilding, railways, thermal power generation, high voltage transmission lines, grid scale energy storage, smart grids and industrial plants, among others.

    Born in Argentina, a country where a global paradox is evident like nowhere else, a land rich in resources and a portion of its population still with unsatisfied basic needs. Worked in various countries around the world including the whole Latin America, Korea, USA, UAE, India, Pakistan, Thailand and New Zealand; and toured around many others, studying the nature of the global economy and its impact on people’s life. Mr. Lanusse graduated from the University of Buenos Aires with a degree in Industrial Engineering and continued his education with studies in Korea and New Zealand.
  • Mr. Fernando Caceres >

    Business Development - Bolivia

    Fernando Caceres Pacheco has served as Chairman of the Board in the following institutions in Bolivia: National Chamber of Commerce of Bolivia, Real University (private university) and Fundempresa (Obligatory Registration of Companies-only in four countries in Latin America and the Caribbean has the government delegate this function to the private sector). He has also served as Board Member in various companies in the private sector. Also Mr. Caceres has held the Presidency of the Permanent Secretary of Latin Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CAMACOL) with headquarters in Miami.

    Currently he is Chairman, CEO and Founder of Crédito para AutoEmpleo S.A. (Credit for Self Employment S.A.) a micro finance institution, Vice Chairman of the Confederation of Employers Organizations which is the private sector cupola institution in Bolivia (Confederacion de Empresarios Privados de Bolivia-CEPB) and Vice Chairman Andean Countries of the Iberoamerica Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services (AICO) with headquarters in the City of Mexico.
  • Ms. Marlen Gordillo >

    Business Development - Colombia

    Professional in Economics, Public accountant and specialist in strategic cost management at the Universidad Central de Bogotá-Colombia, with the capacity to establish and manage high level international relations.

    Social entrepreneur, with expectations in the potential of the projects of our company and it's contribution to generate opportunities and improvement of the quality of life of the Latin American community.
  • Ms. Katerinne Chaves >

    Business Development - Costa Rica

    Mrs. Chaves first worked at CRECEX as Commercial Director since March 2005 through which she has been in charge of the Departments of Foreign Trade, Business Training, Affiliation and Customer Service.Her main achievements have been the establishment of sales procedures, development and control of all policies and guidelines for the selection and hiring of personnel, expansion of the training offer that today has more than 140 themes in areas such as Accounting, Imports , Finance, Exports, Sales, Customer Service, Occupational Health and Safety, Administrative Contracting, Labor Legislation, Human Relations, etc.

    Development and implementation of incentive plans for the Sales department, as well as the evaluation of plans for each functional area in the organization.

    Since 2007, Ms. Chaves organizes national and international commercial events that have allowed her to visit countries such as Mexico 2010, Peru 2011, USA 2010-2011-2012 and to receive entrepreneurs from Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, Panama, USA, Mexico, Argentina, India, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Peru, Colombia, etc.Since April 2014, she serves as Executive Director of CRECEX.

    Some of her functions are the constant national commercial promotion through the development of Commercial Missions that have allowed a constant visit of businessmen from different countries in the search for new business partners.Another achievement was her drive for the certification of CRECEX as the only Chamber with a country brand "Esencial Costa Rica", development of the Annual Statistical Report developed under his supervision "Costa Rica Importa".

    She has been invited by the Foundation for the Development of International Trade (FUDECI) to give talks on Market Access, Business Culture with China, National and International Trade Fairs.

    Ms. Chaves has published articles on international business opportunities for newspapers “La Nación”, “La República” and “El Financiero”.
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